Apple’s Futuristic Venture: Manufacturing Micro-LED Displays for iPhone and Apple Watch

Avatar publsher | May 19, 2023

Apple micro-LED displays

Apple-manufactured micro-LED displays herald the future for iPhone and Apple Watch devices. In the face of escalating demand for cutting-edge technology, many suppliers of high-quality components have grappled with shortages in either availability or productivity. With only a handful of global manufacturers producing state-of-the-art chips and screens, companies find themselves in a race to obtain these resources promptly.


So, how does one ensure a competitive advantage in securing an abundant supply of essential components? If you are Apple, you delve deep into the manufacturing process and assume control.


Veracity underscores this development. A recent report from Nikkei Asia unveils Apple’s intentions to mass-produce crucial components for future iterations of the Apple Watch and iPhone, specifically micro-LED screens.


Micro-LED panels surpass OLED displays in terms of energy efficiency and adaptability due to their slender and pliable surfaces, making them indispensable for curved and foldable devices.


Given the increasing prevalence of foldable devices, Apple may be proactively seeking a reliable source of these panels while reducing dependence on Samsung Display, a subsidiary of its competitor Samsung, responsible for manufacturing displays used in various Apple products.


Venturing into the realm of manufacturing poses a formidable challenge for Apple, a company with a longstanding tradition of outsourcing production. Nevertheless, reports suggest that Apple has invested a considerable sum of at least $1 billion in research and development of micro-LED technology over the past decade, undoubtedly hoping to facilitate a smooth transition.


Insiders associated with the project claim that manufacturing will take place at Apple’s research and development facilities located in the Longtan District of Taoyan. Here, Apple aims to embark on the intricate process of fabricating micro-LED chips directly onto wafers, thereby securing a sustainable supply of these next-generation displays.


According to reports, Apple’s micro-LED technology is currently undergoing sampling, with an emphasis on finding reliable methods to enhance production yield before entering full-scale manufacturing. As a long-term objective, Apple envisions incorporating its self-produced micro-LED displays in Apple devices, possibly debuting in 2025, with the Apple Watch or the Apple Watch Ultra being the likely starting point.


Ultimately, Apple aims to integrate micro-LED screens into its iPhone devices, as historically, the display component has incurred the highest procurement costs during development. However, given the considerable advantages of micro-LED technology for foldable phones, Apple might also be contemplating entry into the foldable market itself.


Awaiting further updates on Apple’s manufacturing plans, it is evident that the company is actively pursuing a stable supply chain for its displays, aiming to circumvent the persistent supply issues encountered with its M-Series chips.


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