Apple VR Integration With Multiple Devices

Avatar admin | May 25, 2023

Apple VR integration with multiple devices

This Apple patent demonstrates the potential of Apple VR to generate immersive environments by utilizing your additional devices.

An imminent Apple VR announcement is on the horizon; however, this hasn’t deterred Apple from pursuing further patent filings concerning the technology incorporated in their upcoming VR headset. This particular patent filing provides insights into how Apple envisions certain users utilizing the headset in conjunction with their existing devices.

WWDC is just a few weeks away, scheduled for June 5 at Apple Park. During this event, it is anticipated that Apple will unveil the new Apple VR (or possibly known as Reality Pro), a MacBook Air boasting a 15-inch display, and additional details regarding the forthcoming iOS iteration, iOS 17.

Utilizing Apple VR in conjunction with other devices

The aforementioned patent was discovered by Apple World Today, and it presents several noteworthy aspects. Firstly, and perhaps most notably, the patent references the ‘RealityPro’ designation when discussing an augmented/virtual reality headset. While this name has long been the subject of speculation, it appears that Apple may indeed adopt it for their VR goggles.

The remainder of the patent encompasses various other Apple devices, including top-of-the-line iPhones, iPads, and even Macs. These references pertain to a concept reminiscent of virtual conferencing or a virtual meeting involving at least one primary user and at least one secondary user, wherein the communication system comprises at least one communication device associated with the primary user and at least one communication device associated with the secondary user. Quite complex, isn’t it?

What does this imply? It seems to suggest that the Apple VR headset can be utilized as part of a video call, connecting to a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Each participant in the call must be connected to a respective device, enabling them to engage in a virtual meeting. Apple states in the patent that this feature could be employed for gaming, entertainment, and fostering interaction between users.


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