8 cool Chrome extensions you’ll wish you might know before

Avatar admin | September 26, 2019

8 cool Chrome extensions you'll wish you might know before

8 cool Chrome extensions you’ll wish you might know before I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of because this list is made up of Extensions that all have less than a thousand ratings on the Chrome Web Store.

Let’s get started first up this one.


It’s called PrintLiminator, and this is for all the times where you went to print a web page. But it ends up looking terrible because there are so many things on the site that clutter it up or mess up the formatting with this it lets you simply click on different assets on the site and Removes them, so they won’t be there when you go to print.

This is also useful if you want to take a screenshot of a website and you want to remove annoying stuff like the social media icon links or you want to remove sensitive information before printing or Screenshotting as well.

The second Extension that we listed is “Rescroller


which lets you customize the scrollbar for Chrome and this could be good for both visual and practical reasons as well.

It works pretty simple you just go into the extension and then choose different options for how it looks

Like the width the colour the fill of the scrollbar and if it should even have rounded corners and even if you want to change what color it is when you hover over it.

But besides that, I think this extension could be helpful to anyone who has a high-resolution monitor for example

Maybe you have a 4k monitor so the scroll bar seems smaller compared to the rest of the screen with this extension you can just adjust the scrollbar size.

So, it’s bigger and easier to click on with bigger screens or maybe just the opposite where you’re on a small screen. And you want the scroll bar to be smaller.

The third Extension that we listed is “Font Face ninja

Font Face Ninja

it simply tells you what different fonts are being used on any website. But not only that it will give you links to where you can download the font to use yourself and whether it’s a free font or one you might have to buy.

The Forth Extension that we listed is “Wolfram Alpha” 

Wolfram Alpha

if you’re not familiar Wolfram Alpha is a site that’s the ultimate calculator not only can it do pretty much any mathematical calculation ever. But you can also ask it information about almost anything this includes information about chemistry, math’s, physics, geography, Sports, computer science, history etc.

for example

if you type apple nutrition it will give you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about apples.


you could do something like Sun’s path New York And it will tell you where the Sun will be at certain times or something simple like how long until New Year’s

The fifth Extension that we listed is “Dead Simple

Dead Simple

it’s so useful. It’s called new tab draft And it just turns any new tab you open into a blank notepad basically And this is great for anytime you want to write something down real quick and you don’t want to have to open up notepad the program or Microsoft Word or whatever and you just click a new tab and there it is a big blank space where you can type.

The sixth Extension that we listed is “Password Alert” 

Password Alert

password alert is a really simple awesome extension made by Google themselves and it’s a security extension meant to let you know if you’re getting fished meaning you typed your password in Somewhere you shouldn’t have.

The Seventh Extension that we listed is “whatruns” 


it might be useful for anyone who’s a developer and it will tell you all sorts of information about it?

What software and frameworks were used to build any website?

The eighth Extension that we listed is “VisualPing


Visual ping is also related to a website and it’s a service that basically lets you monitor websites for changes or a section of the web.

then we’ll notify you if it does With the extension you can either choose to have the website Server do the monitoring in which case the free version lets you check once or twice a day and You can also let your browser do it and check as often as you want of course the difference is.

if you use your browser you have to keep it running and you’d have to be sitting in front of the computer to see what the notification says right away.

Whereas if you use the cloud it will check whenever an email your notification What happens you can probably imagine some good uses for this like maybe there’s some product That’s out of stock that you want to buy you could use this to keep track if it comes back in stock Or if you’re just waiting for some website to update with new information of any kind in cases like that as well.

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