272 Startups Graduated from Ignite National Incubation Centre

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272 Startups Graduated from Ignite National Incubation Centre

272 Startups Graduate from Ignite’s National Incubation Centre


272 Startups graduated from Ignite the national incubation center (NIC) igniting with an entire investment commitment of 8 billion and a cumulative revenue of 3 billion, is aforesaid by Amin-ul-Haque, the minister of information technology and telecommunication.

In Islamabad, the minister has unveiled as the chief guest, on Monday at the accelerator program for women entrepreneurs in the previous three and half years, these growing companies have created more than one lac new jobs. the focus of the program goes around mentoring networking and investor engagements in leading American ecosystems such as Austin, Washington dc, new york, San Francisco and Seattle Boston.

As for the program, on 10th may 2022, 9 women would go to America for two months.

It is aforementioned by the minister Amin ul Haque, that the ministry of information technology and telecommunication and its tech innovation arm, ignite currently have launched the foremost national investment platform of Pakistan which is known as the “pakimpactinvest”.he uttered that in Pakistan, the pandemic had actuated the startup landscape, and because of that the investment has increased from $65 million in 2022 $350 million in 2021. Entrepreneurs got an opportunity in the prolonged lockdown and quarantine for creating digital products with human impacts.

It is also uttered by the minister, that the government has permitted the holding shares for the startups to be outside Pakistan, and because of that, the foreign investment has been helped to increase.

The one also main challenge for all is the new technology-based startups is access to early-stage and growth-stage capital.

It is also aforesaid to the Indus entrepreneurs Islamabad that step up and contained that programs such as an accelerator program for women entrepreneurs that is funded by the department of the united state. this gap has been discussed by the medium of air its innovative design and experimental learning platform, because of that the group of women would get the approach to the foreign investors and international incubators.

It is remarked by the minister Amin ul Haque that he is excited regarding the role of Pakistan diaspora in the united states would play in the support of our women-led enterprises.

In Pakistan and the united, the Indus entrepreneurs Islamabad has its roots in silicon valley along with an extensive network of partners.it is ideally placed for bestowing a lot of requisite international exposure and linkages to the group of women entrepreneurs.

The Indus entrepreneurs program and competition for women entrepreneurs which is funded by the united states embassy Islamabad is an ingenious and inventive program that associates the woman-owned Pakistani startups with the tools of American business monitoring and coaching as well. It procured a great response from the 450 women-led businesses than 75 shortlisted startups went through the severe and accurate process of mentoring workshops and throwing competitions. From that, the foremost 12 start-ups got the selection for the 15-week founder’s institute acceleration program.

The major conferences we attended by the woman entrepreneurs during the trip ended word do participation in exposure visits to PayPal, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft offices. The united states based incubators would also be visited by them like 9-mile laps, alchemist, kiwi tech, and angle pad would be bestowed with several networking opportunities throughout two months and would pitch to chosen united states based investors on the west and the east coasts.

Senior officials from the public diplomacy officer, minister counselor for public affairs, moitt, paul Giblin, the Indus entrepreneur Islamabad, and other officials from the American embassy attended the ceremony. Let me word his list

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